The vine provides a fruit, the grape, which resists solar radiation, keeping it juicy. Studying this plant we can observe that it develops specific substances that protect against solar radiation, keeping the fruit undamaged.

These substances have been rescued from Torremilano´s vine skin extracts and with them, in Cyclo Viñaterapia, have created a natura cream in content and in action for the skin as a whole. Daily use keeps the skin hydrated, juicy and smooth.
This brilliant product of nature has been made with plants that provide the nutrients required to improve the tone, stimulating the even production of melanin.

Highly penetrative, maintaining the skin younger while protecting it from the sun and cold weather. For all skin types, it is especially suitable for sensitive and reactive ones or aged and stained skin due to solar radiation.

Aqua, Cananga odorata flower oil · Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil ·
Kaolin · Helichrysum italicum extract · Cocos nucifera oil · Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract · Lecithin ·
Vitis vinífera peel extract · Hectorite · Achillea millefolium extract · Hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract ·
Thymus vulgaris leaf extract · Parfum (Aceites esenciales naturales) · So.rbic acid · Tocopherol · Linalool*· Benzyl benzoate*· Farnesol*

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